New beginnings

There has been a lot of changes in my life in the past couple of years and I’ve been too busy to keep up with this blog. I want to start again though so here’s my “new” introduction.  I’m now only a part-time SharePoint Administrator. I primarily work from home now in the evenings.  This has both allowed me to pull my son from daycare (I loved his daycare but I was missing too much work as he was getting sick every week for over a year) and also move back to my hometown of Virginia Beach, VA.  My husband and I welcomed a new baby girl late last year as well which has been an experience. Our kids are wonderful but working opposite shifts, taking care of our 2 kiddos and moving into a new (fixer upper) home has been so difficult. Needless to say, this blog was the first casualty of our hectic lives but now that it’s calming down a bit, I am going to pick it up.  If anyone is reading this, let me know what peaks your interest. What subjects do you want to hear about? More SharePoint? More about my daily life? Kids? Money making ventures? Let me know in comments.  Thanks!