SharePoint Experiences

For my day job, I have been continuing my SharePoint experience using many scripts found from Path to SharePoint Because I am limited with my access and permissions on SharePoint, I’m pretty much a glorified end user (acting as the organization site admin). I have full control but no central admin access nor the ability to use SharePoint Designer (though I have taken classes and know how to use SharePoint Designer, we are not allowed to load it onto our systems at work). The scripts at this site enable me to add functionality to my sites and for my clients by using workarounds and coding embedded in Content Editor Web Parts (CEWPs).

Some examples of what I’ve incorporated into the sites include 5 day calendars, color calendars & task lists, hiding the quick launch bar, and more (using the calculated column).

Current iPhone App Suggestion: RedLaser
RedLaser is a free barcode scanning tool. Use it to scan a bar code from any item and it will compare the prices at local and online stores for you. It’s extremely helpful for comparison shopping.

New Website

I’m finishing up final text edits for a massage therapy website I’m working on and then it’ll be time to go live. It’s a simple but clean website which will nicely portray the relaxed atmosphere of her massage company.

I’m excited for the possibility of snow this weekend. It’s been a long time since we’ve had any significant snow in Hampton Roads. The problem is that I was planning on going to Busch Gardens’ Christmas town this weekend and also finish up my Christmas shopping so I’d rather the snow wait until Monday. 🙂 That doesn’t seem likely though.

On another note – we had our annual Christmas party/potluck at work and there was an awesome dessert dish that I have to share. Continue Reading